A Good Vacuum

When you have a preemie with breathing issues, it’s important to have a quality vacuum to keep things fairly cleaned and filtered around your home. I could claim that’s why I finally broke down and shelled out big bucks for a vacuum. I would be lying.

The truth of the matter is this– for whatever reason, I had no luck with vacuums. My husband and I will have been married seven years next month and we had already gone through three vacuums each priced at around $150. Not exactly cheap-o vacs, but not top of the line either. I’m not notoriously hard on things. I vacuum regularly but not constantly. I have no idea why they always busted.

This past spring the third vacuum bit the dust (that’s kind of “pun-y”…) and it was time to buy a fourth. Together, my husband and I came to the conclusion that we needed to do one of two things- either buy a super-cheap vac and figure we only get about two years out of each one anyway, or shell out more cash for a “high-end” vacuum and hope it would finally last.

We ended up going for it and buying a Dyson with a 5-year warranty. That’s 2 1/2 times as long as I’m used to getting! It’s only been about four months so far, but I will tell you this…

My Dyson makes my life easier. It picks up anything and everything. It’s ridiculously easy to empty. The cord is plenty long. It’s a pretty shade of turquoise. My house feels cleaner.

I really do believe it would be a great vacuum for a family with asthma or allergy issues. That’s just not why we bought it. Check in with me in about a year and a half…

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