Blanket Sleepers

There is something ridiculously cute and inherently snuggly about a baby or child in fleece footie jammies. As Fall evenings get cooler and cooler, I look forward to pulling out the blanket sleepers and getting my kidlets all tucked in.

I have a giant boy and a tiny girl so we have a wide array of colors and sizes of blanket sleepers in this house! From preemie on up, we have quite the collection.

Last Fall, when my son was two, he already needed a size 5T in sleepers. When I packed up the cold weather clothing, I sadly folded those sleepers knowing that we had just exhausted the largest size of blanket sleeper available.

This year, at three, my son needs a boys’ 5/6 because of his height. I had bid a sad farewell to footie jammies…

Imagine my delight when, as I strolled through Target, I spied an entire rack of blanket sleeper in the boys’ department. From size 4 to 14, they had a cute selection of prints and a reasonable price tag. I was so thrilled that my little guy could still be cozy warm and super adorable! And, I’m not ashamed to tell you, it did my preppy heart proud when he chose the plaid over the space ships and dinosaurs…

Blanket sleepers in all sizes… they work for me!

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