12 Things I Love About Halloween

  1. The Harvest: Living in farm country, I love to watch the harvest. I love seeing the trucks full to the brim with corn and I like gathering the scraps for art projects and the sensory table at the preschool!
  2. Fall Weather: I love the cool, crisp air that sweeps in this time of year. Bring on the down comforter!
  3. Candy Corn: There’s something that just screams autumn to me about having that first bite of candy corn…
  4. Wonderful Imagination: I love that my son came up with being “Dr. Wilson” (his Ear, Nose, & Throat doctor) all on his own. And it thrills me that that’s who he’d aspire to be… not Batman or something…
  5. Sweet Little Costumes: Cute little kids in age-appropriate costumes are adorable. Just because I don’t like Halloween, I’m not blind to this fact…
  6. Black Cats: Cutest. Cats. Ever. No offense to my tabby, of course…
  7. Carving the Pumpkin: I love this family time. I even love getting in there and digging the guts out…
  8. Jack O’ Lantern Burgers: Can you guess what these are? Just plain old burgers until you use cheese circles, triangles, and smiles to make a face. My mom made these every single year I was growing up. The tradition lives on!
  9. Bats: Yep, I actually really like bats. I love watching them across a dusk sky. I’m determined to have a bat house someday…
  10. Seasonal Books: We have some really great books about this time of year. “The Little Old Lady Who Wasn’t Afraid of Anything” and “Say BOO!” are two real faves.
  11. Going Out to Dinner: Okay, this one doesn’t pertain anymore. But, back in the day, before we had kids… my husband and I would always go out to dinner on Halloween. Because, well, that meant I didn’t have to deal with teenagers trick or treating, for one.
  12. Smiling FacesI’d be completely lying if I didn’t admit that I just can’t get enough of these faces…

And so, there you go. I’m not a Scrooge to the core. But Halloween ranks decidedly low on my holiday list. Valentine’s Day, on the other hand, is practically a major holiday in my book… I’ll have to do a February countdown when the time comes.

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4 comments to 12 Things I Love About Halloween

  • Loved reading this series! Now I feel better about being a Halloween scrooge and I’ve been reminded of the nice side of the holiday. I love that your son chose to dress up like Dr. Wilson!

  • mlearley

    #9 – Bats, I think you told me this before. YUCK!! We think we might actually have a colony in our basement and I am super grossed out by this. We have a few calls into pest control to come scope out our problem. This is the second bat we’ve seen in our house since September, so we think they’ve made a home in our basement somewhere. The worse part was after my husband saw it and came to tell me, we couldn’t find it again so it’s still there somewhere!!! Oh I hope it can’t come upstairs! I woke up in the middle of the night feeling like it was at my face, my imagination runs crazy.

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