12 Days of the Halloween Scrooge: Day 6

Reason #6:

Scary yard decorations:

I love outdoor Christmas decorations more than your average person. From twinkling white fairy lights and elegant candles in windows to plastic candy canes and illuminated reindeer, I love it all. Tacky to classy, I take pure delight in driving by homes decorated for the holidays.

Not so at Halloween.

I just don’t get it… what makes people think it’s a good idea to adorn their yard with tombstones, skeletons, and even nooses? Huh.

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2 comments to 12 Days of the Halloween Scrooge: Day 6

  • We have several neighbors who put things like ghosts hanging from trees, gravestones, and skeletons sticking out of body bags on their front lawns. How do I explain this to my six and three-year-old sons when we’re out on a sunny afternoon taking a walk around the neighborhood? Drives me crazy.

    • Oh, ick! We’re really lucky in our neighborhood now… basically just pumpkins, mums, and Indian corn around. One neighbor has come cute little ghosts made out of grocery sacks by their front door, but they’re not scary at all. :)

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