12 Days of the Halloween Scrooge: Day 10

Reason #10:

This time of year, they run horror movies on TV incessantly. And, I’ll be honest, they scare the tar out of me. I slept with a nightlight for YEARS after seeing Nightmare On Elm Street: 2 at a friend’s house when I was 11…

(Image deleted by Scaredy-Cat Blog Host)
(You know what? Don’t be surprised if I end up deleting that image… creeps me out even today…)
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2 comments to 12 Days of the Halloween Scrooge: Day 10

  • mlearley

    Oh me too! I was at a birthday party and the movie of choice was Chuck. Not just one but like 3 of them. I spent most of that party in the girl’s bedroom playing with barbies. If my husband wants to watch a scary movie, we have to do it in the middle of the day so that I can forget the awful images by bed time. Gee and we wonder why there is violence in our nation!

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