Three Things You Should Know About RSV

If you know the parent of a preemie, it won’t be long before you hear them talk about RSV. Here are just a few quick facts you should know about RSV:

  1. RSV stands for respiratory syncytial viral disease and it is very common. Most adults and young children have contracted it and its symptoms present like those of the common cold.
  2. Babies who are at highest risk of complications from RSV (like preemies, especially those that have been intubated in the past) are sometimes given a monthly shot of a medication called Synagis to try to diminish the chances of contracting RSV.
  3. “RSV season” varies from year to year, but most often runs from late September through April.

The best things you can do as the friend or family member of a young preemie are to wash your hands frequently and avoid visiting/touching the baby while you or your child is sick.

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