Thank Heavens for Progress…

The past
Twenty years ago, only 20 per cent of babies born weighing less than 2lb 2oz would have survived, according to the premature baby charity Bliss . Now 80 per cent do. When the current generation of neonatalogists were training, a 23-week-old baby would be left to die: now it is likely to be resuscitated. When abortion was legalised in 1968, the time limit was 28 weeks: it was reduced to 24 weeks in 1990 partly because of the increased viability of premature babies. In 1969, 5.3 women per 1000 aged between 15 and 44 had a termination.
–(Source: The Observer)

And still, in too many parts of our world, it would have been perfectly legal to abort her..


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