"My story Monday…" The Here and Now Edition

I realized that I’ve thrown out quite a few little facts about my daughter here and there throughout this blog, but I thought it might be fun to briefly outline where she’s at and who she is today. This is especially fun to do since I so recently posted her birth story.

  • C. is about 2 1/2 right now. She’ll be 3 on Christmas Eve.
  • She requires no supplemental oxygen and hasn’t since June of 2006.
  • She has not been on any ongoing prescription meds since her release from the hospital.
  • She eats anything and everything, and all of it by mouth.
  • She can say her ABC’s, make animal noises, and say several simple words.
  • She can run, jump, climb, and dance.
  • She attends a preschool program two days a week in a “typical education” setting.
  • She wears glasses; she is extremely near-sighted.
  • She is feisty and tempermental and prone to dramatic tantrums.
  • She weighs 25 lb fully dressed to shoes.
  • She is Daddy’s Girl. I can’t even compare… (though I do throw pretty awesome tea parties…)

The range of outcomes for micro-preemies is vast. We have been very fortunate I think it goes without saying. But I believe it’s exciting to see where they can go… how they can develop. C. currently sees an occupational therapist and a speech therapist each once a week. She may need a little extra help “catching up” for some time.

Does that make her any less incredible?

Not a chance.

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