"My story…" Monday, Filming the commercial

Have any of you noticed that new little addition on my right side-bar? The one labeled “Commercial Footage”? Check it out if you have a moment.

Our daughter was born on Christmas Eve of 2005 and over the next year or two, we stayed in close touch with the hospital that saved her. Notice I do not write “hospital that took care of her”. The treatment she received went beyond that. I feel blessed beyond belief to have given birth to C. in the hospital adjacent to one of the best NICU’s in the country.

Last summer (2007), I received a phone call asking if our family would be willing to film a commercial for a new campaign the hospital was launching called, “Hope Happens Here”. Without hesitation, I agreed.

Our commercial ran consistently through the winter and spring of ’07-’08 on NBC. I cannot tell you how odd it was to hear my voice ring out from the speakers. Or how odd it was to be “recognized” while grocery shopping. People delighted in reporting each time they “saw me on TV!” We still pop up every once in a while.

I also taped a radio spot, but I never actually heard myself. Others have though… my brother-in-law apparently heard me just about every time he drove to work.

Anyway, the YouTube clip on the right is not the actual commercial. But it is a piece that Riley Hospital compiled with some of the footage they taped. You can hear my husband and my honest opinions about the care we received and why we were so pleased.

The stories you can hear and the people you meet at an excellent children’s hospital are absolutely amazing. I was so honored to speak on behalf of the one that saved our precious child…

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