My Maternity Jeans

I mentioned in the birth story that I gained all of 4 1/2 pounds during my pregnancy with C, four of it in that last month. I wore regular old jeans into the hospital when I was in labor. I didn’t show until into my seventh month with my first child, so this was not unusual for me. I was just over five months pregnant when I gave birth and I had not worn one single article of maternity clothing.

So why do I say that maternity jeans are a tool I could not live without?

Because after my extremely painful (but successful!) C-section, they were all I could stand to wear. My tummy may have been flat, but it was tender and raw and extremely sore. I ended up wearing them almost every day through my two months of recovery… almost the exact length of time I was able to wear them during my first pregnancy.

My opinion? Maternity jeans are wonderful things. They’re so well-designed anymore, with fashion-forward denim colors and cuts. With a cute top, who knows?

Do what you gotta do, my friend. Maternity jeans can be your best friend.

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2 comments to My Maternity Jeans

  • mlearley

    My only problem with maternity jeans is that the manufactures must think that just b/c your belly is growing so is your bottom. Mine always sagged. However, they were still much more flattering than the pants my mom wore while pregnant.

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