Just a little housekeeping…

Just a few quick notes:

First of all, I want to thank all of you who visit this blog. Our readership has grown and I am so very appreciative of this! The layout here and features presented are still rather, well, bland. I really plan to work on that. It’s a little frustrating for me simply because we only have dial-up available where we’re at (can you say, “boonies”?) and that, as you may imagine, makes things rather slow-going. Just when I get something almost down-loaded, I get disconnected. I’m a pretty patient lady when it comes to technology, but it does get kind of maddening over time. So please bear with me!

Secondly, my “Preemie Talk in Cyberspace” feature will be up again next Saturday with a new name. It will be called “JL’s P.S. Fest” because, well, I am the queen of P.S.’s. Just ask my long-distance email buddy, Monica. Whenever I have random good thoughts or find tidbits I want to share, I end up sending her a list of 5-20 P.S.’s. It’s just the way my little brain works sometimes. So, with that in mind, I’m changing my format. This will also give me the freedom to include some links I think will interest my readers but that may not be entirely specific to preemies.

Enjoy this last weekend in September and thanks for being here!

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