Giving Up Naps

Like so many elements of parenting, when to drop that last nap will vary tremendously from family-to-family and even from child-to-child. I’ve met perfectly content 15-month olds who barely napped at all and six-year olds who still require a little shut-eye during the day. There is no “perfect” age.

In my family, we tend to try to drop those naps pretty early though. By about 2 1/2. Is anyone gasping? Anyone want to send me off to the looney bin? “But they need down time!” “You need some quiet time!” “Little kids NEED naps!!!” I can hear it all in my head. And that’s OK. Those are good responses. This is what I think…

My kids do great without that nap. Rare is the day when we experience late afternoon/early evening crankiness. And, truth be told? My kids weren’t angels every single supper even when there were napping. So it’s highly likely the lack of nap is not to blame.

They absolutely do need quiet time. So do I. And we get it. We curl up on the sunny love-seat in the playroom and they look at books or work on lacing cards while I read or do handwork. I love that closeness and we can all recharge.

I love that our daily schedule is not dictated by naps. I needn’t worry about running errands at specific times or planning meals within a narrow window. I don’t fret if “she hasn’t napped by three because now she’ll sleep til 5:30 and bedtime will be a nightmare”. It’s a non-issue for us.

And, I won’t lie, I love my evenings.

My kids go to bed at about 7 PM. Yep, that’s right. And they sleep until between 6:30 and 7:00 AM (which is perfect because we have to be up for school and therapies then anyhow!). I have at least three hours of time alone with my husband. And that’s a beautiful thing. I love my children, flat adore them actually. And maybe that’s why I don’t need a “break” from them during the day. But you better believe I also love having them tucked snug in their beds so that I have time to reconnect with their father and be grown-ups together.

I am the odd-ball at the preschool. The one the other moms look at a little strange when I say, “Oh, she doesn’t nap anymore.” But I don’t mind. It works for me.

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