American Children’s Photography Charity Guild

When your child is dangerously premature or critically ill, having that first professional photo taken can easily fall by the wayside. It is not only not practical but not even possible to haul these infants into a studio to have their precious little faces captured for posterity. Fortunately, there is another option.

Thanks to Ryann for reminding me of an amazing organization called the American Children’s Photography Charity Guild (ACPCG). Their mission is to serve as:

“A non-profit, volunteer based organization of child photographers from all over the country

who have come together to form a guild dedicated to children in need and their families.”

We did not actually learn about this incredible group of photographers until we were already leaving the hospital. Ryann, and her daughter’s talented photographer Nicole Green, were gracious enough to allow me to share some of the beautiful shots Nicole captured of Addyson when she weighed only 3 lb…


(I just love the sweet way Addyson is holding on tight to her parents’ fingers in these shots!)

From poking around her site, I can tell you that Nicole does such a wonderful, compassionate job with these babies that many of the parents hire her to tackle those one-year shots as well! Those micropreemies sure can grow, wouldn’t you say?

(Addyson at one-year-old.)

I certainly can’t speak about the work of every single photographer who volunteers his or her time and talent for the ACPCG. I will, however, say that I think it’s a fabulous group and I am so grateful for the spirit of giving displayed by its members.

If you or a loved one has a child who is desperately ill, I encourage you to visit the ACPCG website and search for a photographer in your area.

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