Three Things You Should Do While Your Baby is Still in the Hospital

One of our most beloved nurses made this casting of C’s tiny hand when she was one week and one day old. The card she attached reads:

One tiny hand to
guide and hold,
One tiny life to shape and mold,
Each child, a gift
from God above,
A symbol of His strength
and love.

  1. Get hand and footprints or, even better, a casting of one of your baby’s tiny hands or feet.
  2. Celebrate milestones– hitting two pounds, going off a ventilator, moving to a crib, etc.
  3. Bond with at least one nurse… you’re going to be there for awhile. It’ll be much easier if you have a member of the medical team with whom you’re very comfortable.
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2 comments to Three Things You Should Do While Your Baby is Still in the Hospital

  • Rob

    We’ve got a six pound party coming up soon!

    I’d also add ‘reading books’ to your list. Reading is important at all times and it’s a great way to start a positive routine.

    Love the blog by the way, just been reading through it all.

    Rob x

    • Woo hoo for a six pound party- what a fabulous milestone!! I totally agree with reading and its importance- I’ve always been an avid reader and that’s a love I certainly hope I’m passing on to my children. Thanks for that reminder. I found that I struggled to read while I was AT the hospital, because I was easily distracted by all the beeps, alarms, and general mayhem that can occur. While visiting there, I favored crocheting and handwork, but you can bet I spent plenty of time reading during my seemingly endless pumping sessions! :)

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