Stop the inductions!

Ok, I’m not really on a mission to end all inductions, but I really do feel that it’s gotten out of hand. I don’t mean to offend any of you 41+ week pregnant ladies out there but, for the rest of you, please just remember– babies DO eventually come out. I’m sick to death of these “37 week scheduled inductions”. Who decides this is a good idea? Who can prove that all these babies are truly “full-term”. Why are we taking chances?

For convenience? — Quite honestly, I think “it fits my schedule” or “my doctor is going on vacation” are kind of weak reasons. Just my opinion.

For comfort? — Sometimes, doctors tell us the baby seems “big!”, “huge!”, “ginormous!” Too many times lately, I’ve seen women induced at 37 weeks only to give birth to 7-pounders. Oh, yes. Huge. I know some will argue with me and I’m open to discussion… but I do not really believe that doctors (or ultrasound techs) can make very sound predictions on size. They told me my 8-pounder wouldn’t be much more than 6…

Or, and this is what I really think is the issue, to avoid c-sections? — C-sections are on the rise. No doubt about it. And that makes me really sad, not because c-sections are bad things, but because so many of them seem to be unnecessary. We live in a litigious society and doctors are scared, for one thing. Some women also have the misguided idea that a c-section is easier (having done it both ways, I would say without hesitation that my c-section recovery was 100 times more difficult…) I really think a lot of doctors are scheduling inductions while babies are smaller to avoid some of the c-sections. And, while I’d be happy to see the c-section rate go down, I’m not sure this is the solution…

Maybe it’s just me.

Maybe it’s because I carried one baby 41 weeks and the other barely 24. I can tell you which is easier…

But I say…

Let those babies cook!

That’s my mantra.
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