"My story…" Monday, part 2

From the journal we kept shortly after our daughter entered the world four months early…

they seem to have determined that C has a bacterial infection which they continue to treat. she’s stable and doing o.k. it’s just a wait and see game now. she’ll have her 2nd head ultrasound today to make sure she has no intercranial bleeding and they also have to do a spinal tap to ensure there is no infection in her spine. i have been assured this is actually an easy process with a little baby. keep the prayers coming anyway, please! her weight is at 590 grams, which is pretty much what we expected, so that’s ok. hopefully, she’ll resume breast milk feeds tomorrow…

FRIDAY, JANUARY 06, 2006 08:18 AM, CST
C. had a bit of a rough day yesterday. The doctors found that she also has pneumonia, so they changed her breathing equipment from a ventilator to an oscillator to help keep her lungs wide open. She seems to have stabilized now and can focus on letting the antibiotics work. She’s staying strong and still gets mad when the doctor’s bother her, which is a great sign.

FRIDAY, JANUARY 06, 2006 12:29 PM, CST
well, our feisty little c. had to be sedated today so they could work on her. it looks like the blood infection is not clearing up as quickly as we all would have liked. so, they are planning to run some more tests this afternoon to 1) rule out any infectious absesses inside her and 2) better isolate which bacteria is causing the problem. on a very positive note, however, her lungs look better and they were able to move her back to the classic ventilator. we’ll see how it goes. she may well have to go back to the oscillator, but for now she’s hanging in there! she’s a tough little cookie…


Thanks for reading! As you can see… there are lots of ups and downs for the family of a micropreemie. Lots more to come…

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