The importance of a great infant car seat…

It goes without saying that it is essential to invest the time in researching a good, quality, durable car seat for your baby. This is just good common sense. We definitely did our research when planning for the arrival of our first baby and we were very pleased with our Graco MetroLite infant seat/stroller system. However, the reality of it was, our son ended up weighing 24 1/2 lb at 6 months and his height was off the charts. At his FOUR month check up, his pediatrician told us that we needed to buy a new convertible car seat to accomodate his length (and, also perhaps, save our aching biceps!). My point is– we probably could have shelled out less for the infant seat and still had an adequate ride for our baby.

Fast forward to the arrival of our baby daughter. Weighing in at only 1 lb 5 oz at birth and topping out at EIGHT pounds at the six month marker, this was a whole different story. She rode in that car seat until close to her second birthday, when she FINALLY hit 21 lbs.

With a very small baby, please remember that you will potentially be using that seat for a very long time. Sure, you can buy a different one, but why? Infant seats are incredibly portable and also offer a bit of a physical “barrier” protecting your infant from the germy (well-meaning) hands of strangers.

Invest in a great one and you’ll be in good shape for the long haul.
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