Car Seat Flippin’ Reminder!

Speaking of car seats, just a quick reminder…

Before you turn your baby front-facing, please be sure he/she is BOTH:

-at LEAST one-year old


-at LEAST 20 pounds

That’s AND, people. If you’re parenting a micropreemie, I’d be willing to bet you’ll hit 1-yr old before you hit 20 lb. And, still, keep ‘em rear-facing. It’s safer. You don’t endure months on end in a hospital to take chances with your precious child…
***Just a quick reminder- as always, ask your pediatrician if you have concerns. I am aware of at least two micropreemies who simply got way too long to be rear-facing anymore. They were well over a year but not quite 20 pounds when they “made the switch”. You’ll want to act on the advice of an expert in these cases!***
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